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Smart Carpet Reviews

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  • Laminate A , linoleum C-, Carpet - cancelled

    I went with the big company hopping for a great job. The salesperson was great. They charge one price per material that includes installation. Please be aware they charge you for material and installation for all 'extra' material they order. Material - I understand. But installation should only be charged for what was actually installed. They gave me back $1 per 'non installed' ft. sq. The linoleum installed is bad. The design and material I like. The installers left bubbles under the linoleum. They cut corners - literally cut into corners leaving tile looking... More...
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    NJCentral's Picture   NJCentral    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never had an issue...used them several times.

    I can't believe all the complaints on here. I have used them many times and loved their work everytime. They even fixed work that another company installed and screwed up. Once we had an appointment for a quote and one of the owners showed up at our house. He was super nice, caring and gave us a great deal. He was laid back and showed up in shorts and a t-shirt cause he was headed to a a bbq at his sisters house. He even gave us a $50 credit because he wasn't planning on working but picked up the slack because his employee had a family emergency. Again, you won't hear... More...
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  • Right hand vs Left Hand

    I heard it and it's true. The service techs and the sales reps. tell two different stories. I bought a particular carpet because it was warrantied for 10 years against stains. After one year I attempted to get service, had to jump through hoops and finally they agreed to replace the carpet. Only this time there was a huge, unsightly seam across the floor which they REFUSED to fix...saying it was good enough. Yep, good enough for me to stop replacing all my flooring needs with them. Shame too because I was on a roll! Now it looks worse than it did with the stain! More...
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    sacrasan's Picture   sacrasan    0 Comments   Comments
  • smart carpet

    within 3 months of install carpet began to unravel. They sent an installer out and they cut the carpet and stretched it at the seam. Now the carpet is stretched thin and unravelling again, the adjuster they sent out found it to be niether an installer issue or manufacturer issue. So I have no recourse but to hire my own adjuster and take them to small claims court. I was prommissed that this would be resolved and I would be sattissfied it is obvious that the carpet failed either because of poor install or bad carpet. They sell inferior carpet obviously but more importantly they do... More...
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    notsosmart's Picture   notsosmart    1 Comments   Comments
  • SmartCarpet ex customers keep calling me

    My ex-Customers are constantly calling me and I want to answer them truthfully. While SmartCarpet will do a good job most of the time, the salesreps and owner are only out to get as much of your money as they can. They sell mostly low quality carpets at higher prices than the big box stores. They will always pressure you to buy their 1st time out. Always get 3 estimates and scratch off the list whatever reps dont leave full disclosure estimates complete with material type and ounce weight.If they offer $1000 off before they leave they could have given you that quote to start.Call Smart, 1... More...
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    realfacts's Picture   realfacts    0 Comments   Comments
  • smart carpets poor workmanshipand poor quality carpet

    smart carpet is a horrible company to deal with they are very rude and inconsiderate they never tried to resolve the problem of glue removal which was left by smart carpet to begin with and the fact that i purchased a stain resistant carpet which is now filthy from normal every day use and its only a month old and looks like 10 years old they told me i needed to have it steam cleaned after just one month which before smart carpet never had to do that before and their attitude was horrendous and rude is absolute understatement there was no resolution whatsoever thats why i am writing this More...
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    somea2355's Picture   somea2355    0 Comments   Comments
  • Smart carpet poor quality and service

    Smart Carpet salesman was nice and it seemed we were getting a good deal. In addition to installing carpet in 4 rooms, he promised me that the installers would haul away the carpet and padding (1 room's worth) which I had pulled up myself and that they would restretch the carpet that Smart Carpet had installed a few year's ago (they have a lifetime wrinkle warranty). Unfortunately, the installers knew nothing of the restretch when they showed up and refused to haul away the carpet which I had removed myself. The salesman assured me that they do not use subcontractors for... More...
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    TommyDee's Picture   TommyDee    1 Comments   Comments
  • Smart carpet Brazilian cherry hardwood install

    This company came to my house to install harwood (brazilian cherry). 10 brazilians showed up and the race was on to finish as fast as possible and get the hell out of there. The work was HORRIBLE!!! floor started to seperate after a week, the trim was thrown up and looked like a 5 year old did it, I had to hire a guy just to make it look some what ok. I called smart carpet to have them come look at the floor and customer service was more than nasty. Finally they sent a guy over after 3 months to tell me that it was because of the low humidity in my house that the floor was seperating.... More...
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    cortese33's Picture   cortese33    0 Comments   Comments
  • You get what you pay for

    I have a friend who worked for smart carpet. The salesman are commissioned and the installers are subcontractors. The salesman are actually punished for not making the sale the first visit. They are a greedy company with management that cares only about a buck. They are no better or worse than any other flooring company. Just read between the lines of the same ad they ran for 20 years. NOTHING is ever free! More...
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    therealdeal's Picture   therealdeal    0 Comments   Comments
  • Smart Carpet Can't handle installation and unsafe

    Signed contract in December 2011. Installed new hard wood floor in January. Ripped it up in April due to improper installation and we still have no floor down in April. Left the house a mess. Left razor blades for my little kids to find. Damaged walls, trim, doors, and left oil stains all over concrete from their machines. I asked to speak with Brendan Phillips (the president of Smart Carpet) and I got he is to busy. Its ashame that the president of a company is to scared to talk to the people that pay him. Worst company ever. Stay far away. More...
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    worfat's Picture   worfat    0 Comments   Comments

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    RAYSMITHJR's Picture   RAYSMITHJR    0 Comments   Comments
  • wow

    Ok so I called around and have a few carpet stores come to my house. I have to say smart carpet was a great choice. I dealt with a gentlemen named Brandon. He explained things that others did not. I honestly had no intention on buying flooring on the spot, however when speaking with him its really logical why I did. So they came with the carpet installed it in my living room, dining room hall and 4 bedrooms. I will end it by saying wow what a amazing job from start to finish More...
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    fenderbender's Picture   fenderbender    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never again

    $11,000 of poor quality products and poor workmanship is what I got. The tack strips for the carpet in 4 rooms are sticking up thru the carpet. My child and dog both stepped in the doorway and ripped their foot open on the tacks. The laminate flooring buckled for which the installer of course blames the house not being level. The molding is different colors and the installer said it was because they did not have enough of any one color. Well Who's fault is that? I did measure for the molding, they did. The laminate moves when you step on it and has a plastic sound if you are... More...
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    reenymom's Picture   reenymom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never Again

    I was an exceptionally happy Smart Carpet customer who had 4 previous flooring jobs completed by the company within the last 5-6 years. I finally decided, after 2 laminate floors, to install hardwood flooring in both my living room and dining room. The cost was a hefty $5,000+, but I happily handed over my money because I thought that this would be the last floor that I'd have to install in these rooms. After 6 months, the wood starting to literally peel off and after 1 year the planks are now starting to come up as well. Smart Carpet sent a Mohawk rep. to investigate the issue.... More...
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    JoannL's Picture   JoannL    0 Comments   Comments

    Used Smart Carpet when I bought my house. The carpet faded- and I was told to contact Mohawk. We all know that is not how the warranty works -AFTER ONLY 9 MONTHS. Then I was told my carpet was dirty. I know dirt from fade, not to mention it was Dennis the Menace, which can take clorox!! That issue was never resolved. My other rug was cut short and after 2 yrs of fighting, they finally replaced it. I gave this company another chance (as did my 'sorry' daughter)to do vinyl flooring in the kitchen. The arrogant salesman demanded a check for a product he could not promise delivery... More...
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    DebbieV's Picture   DebbieV    1 Comments   Comments
  • Shop elsewhere

    The only thing we liked about Smart Carpet was the salesman and apparently he was just a nice guy that wore a good poker face. The quality of the carpet wasn't anywhere near the carpet we were replaceing which was a builders grade. The price to even come close was ridiculous. The salesman swore that their installers were all their own employees and never subcontracted. WRONG! The installation team that showed up were subcontracted and one of them had just began his career as a carpet installer and had previously worked as a roofer. They did a very inferior job and actually cut a piece... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    patay56's Picture   patay56    1 Comments   Comments

    Before too much time goes by, I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction with Smart Carpet. I recently had hardwood and carpet installed in my home and from the get-go, the apppointment girl on the phone was lovely, the Smart Carpet representative that came out was very knowledgeable and not pushy, and the installers workmanship was outstanding. I could not be more pleased with the whole experience. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. More...
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    danivin's Picture   danivin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never, never NEVER again!

    I had Smart Carpet in for an estimate and I prefaced our meeting by telling the two gentleman that I was not ready to make a commitment. Of course, by the time they left, I had committed to put "wood" floors throughout my entire first floor. What a waste of $5000!!! The product is terrible. If I so much as drop a fork in the kitchen I have a dent or a chip; instead of putting plywood down on the slab so that I could get real wood nailed into it, they sold me "engineered wood" that they glued down. Since the slab is uneven, the floors are "spongy" in... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    cinemagirl70's Picture   cinemagirl70    6 Comments   Comments
  • Best decision i ever made

    I have no idea why people complain about Smart Carpets? I used them a few weeks ago and let me just say it was the easiest, stressless transaction I ever made. The sales rep came to my house and was very nice, explained every option in details and answered all my questions. He was great - I ended up ordering carpet on the spot. I had been to about 6 other carpet stores - so overpriced! Smart Carpet gave me the best price, I even went to other places and asked them if they could get below the price and they all said "Wow, keep that deal" Within the next few days, I got a call... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)
    saralshapiro1's Picture   saralshapiro1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad install of carpets!!

    I would not buy smart carpets again!!!! The guy who comes out (Ross) talks and talks a good game but thats what it is a game to sell carpet! Who even knows if the carpet I paid for is the one they lay. Which they can't even get that right! My carpet looked as if it was rolled out and not nailed down. I was able to lift almost my whole carpet along my walls! I asked them to come out and fix it, they sent the same people, with exception of one different one, guess that will make the whole difference on how it will be laid now! This was after I had asked them twice NOT to send the same... More...
    (Repair Services)
    conner4's Picture   conner4    0 Comments   Comments
  • they suck

    i had brought carpet from smart carpet 3 years ago the carpet has buckle 4 different times in the pass 3 years.all 4 times they have been out to our house and always said this will be the last time it will never happen again. well i will never buy anything from them ever again. and plus they chipped pieces of the molding that goes around the house. More...
    gecklova's Picture   gecklova    1 Comments   Comments

    Not only is this company better than going to a store, but they are a lot of fun too. They showed up on time , did accurate measuring, and had an enormous selection considering all of the products they offer come with them on a very professional van. After the initial appointment everything they said would happen did. Congrats to Smart Carpet! I have recommended them to many people who are equally impressed. More...
    smartbird22's Picture   smartbird22    0 Comments   Comments

    The Berber carpet in 2 rooms has yellow stains all over it. The rooms receive very little traffic and the carpet was purchased in oct 2008. the salesman stated their was a stain master guarantee and not even grease would stain the carpet. when I called the unpleasant lady on the phone said the carpet was only stain resistant and that doesn't mean it won't stain. It is unfortunate that you do not stand by your carpets - I have had cheaper carpets in areas of high traffic and after 4 years looked better than my 10 mos old carpet looks. Your carpets are inferior and your sales... More...
  • don't buy smart carpet

    don't buy smart carpet - told the carpet had stain master and even ground in grease would come off - biggest lie the sales rep told - carpet has yellowing all over - told by the company that the carpet is only stain resistant - carpet is only 9 mos old - looks years old and needs to be replaced - it's in the spare room which is rarely used - DO NOT BUY FROM SMART CARPET AS THEY DO NOT STAND BY THEIR PRODUCTS - EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED - BELIEVE THE POOR REVIEWS NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE BARGAIN SEEMS More...
    BADCARPET's Picture   BADCARPET    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ripoff!

    I was conned into buying a specific carpet that was stain resistant like no other!! I was told ALL stains come out or else the carpet will be replaced. Well needless to say,certain stains could not be removed and when I called for replacement carpet I was denied by Smart Carpet and the manufacturer of the carpet. I too was told to contact an independent inspector. The most disappointing sales transaction I HAVE EVER HAD. Stay clear of this sham company. More...
  • Smart Carpet brandon Sales Rep

    I recently had carpet installed by Brandon Fennell he was such a pleasant gentlemen not only did he find the product that fits my needs the company went well above the company standards and moved all of my furniture and i have alot of it. I had two rooms done with carpet and a living room done with hard wood and a bathroom and kitchen in vinyl everything that Brandon stated was done! If you ever need carpet or flooring i suggest you ask for Brandon Fennell i promise you he will fulfill everything that you wanted and more just see if for yourself. He has a great presentation that makes sense... More...
    cocoa9781's Picture   cocoa9781    0 Comments   Comments

    Hardwood floor nightmare... Yes they ripped upped carpets…but cut them longer than the township trash would pickup over 4 ft. They pilled saw dust and other materials inside the carpets so the spilled onto the area when we lifted them. The salesman Gary, promised one day installation and bragged how his company gets in and out while the other company’s will be in you house all week, we are going on 5 days for 2 rooms days without being done and they stopped the job because Gary Stucke did not order enough flooring, Mind you this man said he was doing this for 15 years. He... More...
    TheFed's Picture   TheFed    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ignorant carpet is more like it

    I was so impressed with the representative from Smart carpet, his precise measurements and nice appearance, the first 10 minutes were great, then something happened, he became so ignorant and quoted me a price that was way over what his competitors did, but he gave a good speach on why, the guarantee, there insurance and so forth, he never even showed me a carpet sample for his price and would not discuss anything with me unless I gave him a deposit, once again on carpet I never saw!! He insulted me and said I needed a new roof and then talked about his personal life and how financially... More...
    KFH123's Picture   KFH123    1 Comments   Comments


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